Owl Post signage from the realm of Harry Potter (YA blockbuster books and films)

Owl Post signage from the realm of Harry Potter (YA blockbuster books and films)

With the Christmas celebrations at Hogwarts and the iconic clash of good and evil in the Harry Potter tales, nothing but wise owls would do for delivering important messages.

Before traditional herbal healers (aka witches) were horrifically targeted by insanely normal churchmen during the real-world witch hunts (approximately 1480 to 1750 A.D.), the “craft” had a good following and the word “witch” came from the root words for wit and wisdom. Used for good, to help others, witchcraft of the type Harry Potter practiced had an ancient history that foreshadowed the healing care and other good works of Jesus. Small wonder some thought it mere magic as had been foreshadowed instead of the supernatural dispensation of the Holy Spirit.

When we pay attention to what has captured the YA imagination, we see updated renderings of the same story Jesus embodied as Incarnate Word, bringing light into the dark spots of humanity’s heart, uplifting mere sport into vocation.

Jesus also promised, in the less frequently taught version of the Sermon on the Mount (see Luke’s Gospel), that those who’ve mourned would laugh. This is the “be happy” beatitude.

Funny —- when we laugh to keep from crying — how Christianity excised a sense of humor so many times in so many eras and forget to take the Savior at His humorous and compassionate word.

YA fiction like the Harry Potter saga can bring us back to the resurrected themes of Jesus and authentic goodness that a Churchianity He (The One  of God Who Must be Named) never intended nearly buried.


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