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Mindful Christians (7 C’s including the Cosmic Christ)

  • Mindful Christians: 7 C’s (Caring, Change, Connection, Cosmic Christ, Courage, Creativity)Hand of God
  • Read or reprint a page about  butterflies, open flora, caring, change (cycles of living, dying and life going on …):  Click to Mindful Christians Text and Photo.
  • When you feel alive in wonder at the glories of nature, when you still want to sing some of the classic hymns to lull yourself to sleep after a day of inspiration (“Spirit of the living God …”), but being in church leaves you cold:  Call yourself a Mindful Christian.  Beyond the book (paper pope), beyond the hierarchy (human pope or other head honcho), into your own experience as a Mindful Christian.
  • No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Keep Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother, in your own understanding as makes sense to you  for your culture, your awareness and your experience.  Live!  Never backward, only onward.
  • Where were you born, where have you been, what has your life been bringing forth?  Born in Corpus Christi (TX) with many years spent in Los Angeles, I choose the destiny of being a Mindful Christian, meditating as well as praying each day, integrating all facets of what’s within me to bring forth.  What’s your destiny?
  • Life’s always changing and destiny is never a straight line, yet we each have meaning and value (even the worst of us can model what not to do, and the best of us can show the way).
  • We deserve the chance to grow into our better natures, to take things both seriously and lightly, in paradox of purpose and pleasure.
  • Mindful Christians unite!  (Like herding cats, but you get the idea.)